Bayer Cares Foundation: Grants for Disasters

OVERVIEW: The Bayer Cares Foundation focuses on rapid response efforts for worldwide disasters, and is one of three philanthropic arms at the Germany-based pharmaceutical company.

IP TAKE: The Bayer Cares Foundation tends to fund disaster response efforts of organizations with which it has established relationships; however, it also funds a small number of projects suggested by its employees, whether the foundation has had a relationship with the organization or not.

PROFILE: Established in 2007,  the Bayer Cares Foundation is relatively young. While maintaining a rapid response approach to natural disasters, the Bayer Cares Foundation also supports a long-term perspective. It does so by supporting sustainable relief efforts to rebuild infrastructure. To date, the foundation has supported a number of relief efforts in response to natural disasters including Hurricane Sandy in the U.S., theEbolaa epidemic in West Africa, and earthquakes in Nepal. The Bayer Cares Foundation also earmarks a portion of its giving for post-disaster reconstruction projects and for educational projects that address sustainability concerns. The Foundation's efforts are focused on four areas: education and research, health and social needs, sports, and international disaster aid. 

In a typical year, the foundation responds to less than a handful of major disasters around the world, and a portion of that aid comes in the form of providing medicines to the affected areas. Bayer tends to give priority funding to large NGOs and those with which it has had a past relationship such as the American Red Cross and Save the Children.


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