ELMA Relief Foundation: Grants for Disasters

OVERVIEW: The ELMA Relief Foundation awards grants to organizations working in disaster response, rebuilding, and risk reduction in predictable disasters.  

IP TAKE: ELMA invests in disaster response and relief efforts with measurable outcomes that are often related to health and healthcare in vulnerable populations struck by disaster. The ELMA Relief Foundation predominantly funds large, international organizations. 

PROFILE: The ELMA Relief Foundation is part of the ELMA Group of Philanthropies and provides global disaster recovery and relief support to NGOs around that pay special attention to the needs of children. According to ELMA, children “often suffer disproportionately in the aftermath of such tragedies.” ELMA provides funding for organizations that respond to the "urgent needs of communities immediately after a disaster occurs;" groups that are helping to rebuild communities; and those helping alleviate the impact of predictable disasters in underserved communities. 

While the ELMA Relief Foundation does not restrict its funding to specific geographical areas, the ELMA Group of Philanthropies often gives special preference to large-scale organizations that work to improve the lives of children in Africa, such as Doctors Without Borders. In addition, the majority of awarded grants tend to support health outcomes in some of the most underserved areas in the world. To learn more about the types of relief organizations the foundation supports, take a look at its Investments page.

The ELMA Relief Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals or applications, so it is best for grant seekers to reach out to ELMA staff.


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