FedEx Foundation: Grants for Disasters

OVERVIEW: The FedEx Foundation supports disaster relief and recovery efforts as well as disaster preparedness and management projects.

IP TAKE: Although it's necessary to gain the support of a FedEx employee in order to apply for a disaster relief grant, the FedEx Foundation is approachable and has an integrated fleet of transportation vehicles at its disposal. 

PROFILE: Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, FedEx has a global reach. Its philanthropic arm, the FedEx Foundation, shares the same global reach and supports NGOs working in areas where the company operates.  Few disaster relief organizations are better equipped to transport needed supplies and other aid to disaster areas than global shipping and delivery companies like FedEx. The Foundation often coordinates with major disaster response and relief organizations, such as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army, in its supply delivery undertakings. Outside those coordinated efforts, the foundation supports emergency relief and response agencies around the world. The FedEx Foundation lends a hand in disaster resilience building efforts, as well as disaster management—for example, helping develop an interactive mapping tool to allow NGOs to view where their resources are heading and to avoid shortages or overages. 

While FedEx does not encourage unsolicited requests, it does occasionally fulfill them; however, all requests must meet their Charitable Giving Guidelines. Prospective grantees should be aware that the foundation requires evidence of “active engagement by one or more FedEx team members” to qualify for a grant.

FedEx only accepts applications for charitable support twice per year during one of its grant cycles, June 1-30 or January 1-31. Applicants will be directed to an online application and required to submit the following information.


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