Newman’s Own Foundation: Fundraising for Disasters

OVERVIEW: The Newman’s Own Foundation awards natural disaster response and relief grants to NGOs working in the U.S. and abroad.

IP TAKE: The Newman's Own Foundation supports small community foundations that respond to natural disasters. The foundation also funds NGOs that work to rebuild infrastructure. The foundation does not generally support manmade or widespread humanitarian catastrophes. 

PROFILE: In 1980, Paul Newman and his friend A.E. Hotchner filled empty wine bottles with Newman’s homemade salad dressing and gave them as gifts for the holidays. Newman's Own was launched just two years later, and Paul Newman decided that all of the after-tax profits would go to people in need. In 2005 Newman established the Newman’s Own Foundation because "[he] want[ed] to acknowledge luck. The benevolence of it in [his] life and the brutality of it in the lives of others.” 

Although the Newman’s Own Foundation does not have an official disaster response and relief program, grants for disaster-relief may be available indirectly to projects that focus on children or nutrition. However, the foundation has a history of supporting emergency response and relief efforts around the world. Grants often go to community-based NGO’s rather than the large-scale international organizations.  The size of grants varies widely, from micro-grants to large-scale grants of $225,000 or more. 

Disaster-related activities supported by Newman’s own also vary and can range from the provision of basic necessities to helping the aid organizations themselves by paying for expansions and improvements in their disaster-relief services.

All grants are made by invitation only. The foundation does not accept or respond to unsolicited requests.


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