Alstom Foundation: Grants for Disasters

OVERVIEW: The Alstom Foundation invests in disaster response, relief, and recovery efforts in regions of the world in which the company has an employee and operational presence.

IP TAKE: This funder’s disaster response grants are designed to be flexible and responsive.

PROFILE: Established in 2007, the Alstom Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the French multinational transportation corporation, Alstom. The foundation seeks to “[c]hampion humanitarian initiatives” in the key areas of economic and social development, environmental protection, access to mobility, and access to energy and water. The foundation has a “dedicated budget” to help disaster response and relief organizations provide a “[r]apid, pragmatic humanitarian response” to natural disasters.

As Alstom’s secretary general, Barry Howe, explains, “The foundation’s Natural Disaster Fund is a means of responding rapidly to the need for relief and support in countries where Alstom has presences.” While the foundation does not reveal its grant amounts, past grantmaking has supported emergency response and relief efforts related to earthquakes in Italy and typhoons in the Philippines. For more information on the Alstom Foundations regular programmatic giving, explore its searchable projects list.

The Alstom Foundation accepts unsolicited grant applications and proposals. For grant consideration, an Alstom employee must typically submit applications and proposals; however, if grantseekers do not know anyone at Alstom to champion their projects, they are encouraged to contact the Alstom Foundation Secretariat, who will try to find an employee who can play the role of an employee sponsor.


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