UBS Optimus Foundation: Grants for Early Childhood Education

OVERVIEW: The UBS Optimus Foundation's giving centers on access to quality early childhood education.

IP TAKE: This funder’s geographic priorities include Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Liberia, South Africa, Bangladesh, China (including Hong Kong), India, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

PROFILE: The UBS Optimus Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the global financial services company UBS AG. Established in 1999, the foundation focuses its grantmaking on helping to ensure that children in developing countries have the opportunity to grow up in a safe environment, attend school, and live healthy lives. UBS's grantmaking seeks organizations “[w]ith the potential to be transformative, scalable and sustainable in the child health, education and protection, and emergency response.

UBS’s general child education focus encourages early childhood education; giving teachers, educators and parents the resources needed for preschool; and giving schools the proper equipment and systems that support a quality education. Its grantmaking specific to Early Childhood Development focuses on "innovations and proven programs that promote early childhood development, including health, nutrition, early stimulation, caregiving and protection from violence and maltreatment."

UBS grants can range between CHF 80,000 and CHF 150,000. Which is around $85,000 to $160,000. Grant terms typically last from 12 to 18 months. To learn more about the types of organizations receiving support from the UBS Optimus Foundation, explore its All Projects list.

The UBS only accepts grant applications during its open calls, which are announced each year. Those announcements do not appear to follow any pattern or deadline, so grantees should be sure to check the foundation’s website.


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