Foundation for Child Development: Grants for Early Childhood Education

OVERVIEW: The Foundation for Child Development supports research, policy and advocacy in the areas of early childhood education, care and development. Its Young Scholars Program aims to support the work of researchers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

IP TAKE: The Foundation for Child Development mainly supports research that aims to improve the quality and accessibility of early childhood education and childcare. It accepts applications for its Young Scholars Program, which supports researchers from disadvantaged backgrounds who work in various disciplines and research methodologies.

PROFILE: The Foundation for Child Development began as an auxiliary board of New York City's Children's Aid Society in 1899 and initially provided educational services to disabled children. It was renamed the Association for the Aid of Crippled Children in 1908, and in 1944, with a bequest from silk manufacturer Milo M. Belding, it became a grantmaking organization. Throughout the 20th century, the organization's focus broadened to address the development of all children, and it was renamed the Foundation for Child Development in 1972. The foundation aims to "harness the power of research to ensure that all young children benefit from early learning experiences that affirm their individual, family, and community assets, fortify them against harmful consequences arising from economic instability and social exclusion and that strengthen their developmental potential." Its its named initiatives are stronger workforce, effective systems and priority populations. It also funds research through its Young Scholars Program, which seeks to support researchers who are from "historically disadvantaged or underrepresented groups" and who "represent a variety of disciplines and methodological approaches."

The Foundation for Child Development supports early childhood education mainly through research and the dissemination of research-based findings relating to early childhood education, care and development. The foundation has supported Child Trends Inc., a Washington D.C.-based organization that conducts research on the accessibility of high-quality early education and home care and the feasibility of comprehensive professional development programs for teachers and caregivers. Through its Young Scholars Program, the foundation has supported a New York University study of teachers' and social workers' professional experiences with children of immigrant families "within a context of heightened enforcement of federal immigration policies."

This foundation's grants range from $34,000 to $400,000 and are generally awarded to researchers and research teams working at universities or institutions. Funding is limited to the United States. Summaries of past and current grants are available on the foundation's grants page.

The Foundation for Child Development accepts applications only for its Young Scholars Program. Guidelines for completing the on-line application are available on the program's webpage.


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