Overdeck Family Foundation: Grants for Early Childhood Education

OVERVIEW: The Overdeck Family Foundation invests research, evidence-based interventions and program evaluations.

IP TAKE: Early childhood education figures prominently among this foundation’s initiatives. Grantees generally participate in research and/or evaluation of evidence-based programs.

PROFILE: Founded in 2011 by John and Laura Overdeck, the Overdeck Family Foundation aims to “open doors for every child in the U.S. by measurably enhancing education both inside and outside the classroom.” The foundation targets evidenced-based research and program evaluations. Its stated funding initiatives are early impact, exceptional educators, innovative schools, inspired minds and data for action.

Overdeck’s early impact program aims to help all children “enter kindergarten with the skills needed to unlock their potential.” Grants target parents, caregivers, educators and communities and facilitate evidence based practices for early learning. One past grantee, Parentcorps, helped adults provide “safe, nurturing and predictable environments” for children in New York City.

This funder’s grants typically range from $50,000 to $250,000 and support projects that involve rigorous research and evaluation of early childhood interventions.

The Overdeck Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications or requests for funding.

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