Boeing Company: Grants for Climate Change

OVERVIEW: Boeing’s grantmaking includes a commitment to the environment, often focusing on environmental protection, conservation, and climate change.

IP TAKE: Because Boeing breaks down its giving by state, with each state formulating its own specific priorities and parameters, it will take a bit of extra investigative work to determine whether your conservation program is a fit.

PROFILE: Boeing is among the largest aerospace and defense contractor in the world, and the gives grants with a scope and breadth that is commensurate with that. Primary areas of focus are education, workforce development, the environment, financial stability, and health. Boeing breaks down its giving by state, and gives in 20 states total (plus Washington, D.C.). Areas of focus vary by state, but a focus on natural water sources is fairly prevalent.

In the most general terms, Boeing states that it supports “organizations that are leaders in what they do, demonstrate innovation, and align and collaborate with others to achieve workable solutions to community issues.” This statement also serves as a good guidepost for Boeing’s take on supporting environmental programs, viewing them as "community issues" in need of "workable solutions."

The focus on problem solving at a community level plays out in the way that Boeing subdivides its giving, which includes 20 different state domains (plus Washington, D.C.) with varying areas of focus. Boeing provides a user-friendly drop down to select your state and see more details about its giving, deadlines, and contacts. Not every state grants in areas related to climate change, but many do.

In other areas of giving, including other subsectors of environmental work, each state declares a different shading for their focus. Not so with climate change. All but one state that supports climate change programs state their throughline as: "We invest in programs that educate and engage communities about the importance of taking action to reduce their impacts on the environment and climate change."

Washington State separates itself with a more detailed statement of purpose regarding community engagement that can lead to the "reduction of carbon emissions through integrated systems of natural resources that provide multiple benefits."

In addition to the Boeing Company's state-by-state giving, there’s another way you can potentially receiving Boeing support. It’s called the Employees Community Fund of The Boeing Company, bankrolled solely be Boeing employee donations. It too breaks down its giving—and giving priorities—by state, and sometimes region within a state.

There are 19 different Community Funds (across 17 different states, plus D.C.), and the website also provides an excellent drop-down menu for these purposes to share specific guidelines for each of these funds. Not all of these Community Funds are committed to funding climate change initiatives, but many of them are.

There are valuable opportunities for climate change programming through Boeing, if your work syncs up with regional priorities and you’re able to frame your program within your region’s larger focus of support. Check out those drop-down lists to get started.


  • Lianne Stein, Vice President, Global Corporate Citizenship
  • Jim McNerney, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer