Frederick Mulder Foundation: Grants for Climate Change

OVERVIEW: The Frederick Mulder Foundation seeks climate change organizations working to mitigate the threat of climate change.

IP TAKE: This funder typically supports systematically addressing climate change.

PROFILE: Formerly known as the Prairie Trust until 2014, the Frederick Mulder Foundation, or FMF, was established in 1986 from the profits earned by Frederick Mulder Limited, a private art dealership. Frederick Mulder is also the founder of The Funding Network, described as an “open-giving circle,” which holds regular crowdfunding events. FMF is a London-based organization that envisions a “[w]orld which is fair, secure and environmentally sustainable and in which the rights of future generations are respected in decisions taken today.” The foundation invests in developing social change in philanthropy, climate change, and global poverty.

The foundation’s climate change-related grants support organizations that focus largely on limiting “[g]lobal warming to 2° relative to pre-industrial levels.” This includes activities such as discouraging high carbon economies, encouraging low-carbon investments, and legal interventions toward halting investments in fossil fuel, and expanding renewables.

FMF typically awards grants for £10,000 or less. While it awards a large number of project specific grants, it also gives unrestricted and general operating support grants. Examples of previous grantees include Client Earth, which received funding for its environmental litigation strategies; and the Environmental Defense Fund, which received a grant for its cross party advocacy research on environmental matters. To learn more about the foundation’s larger grants, explore its current grants list.

FMF does not accept unsolicited grant applications or requests for funding.


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