MacArthur Foundation: Grants for Climate & Energy

OVERVIEW: MacArthur’s Climate Solutions program awards grants to projects that are of limiting global warming through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

IP TAKE: Mac’s Climate Solutions program is new and so far, it’s funded a handful of major players in this space. Would-be grantees should still keep a close watch on this program as it is likely to evolve over time.

PROFILE: In 2015, the MacArthur Foundation’s new president Julia Stasch announced that the foundation was undergoing a major overhaul throughout all of its grantmaking priorities. While these changes are still ongoing, a few major initiatives have been born out of this restructuring, including the creation of a formal climate change program.

MacArthur’s Climate Solutions program is what the foundation refers to as a “big bet.” Mac is certainly betting big here with an initial commitment of $50 million toward the program that has the sole focus of limiting global warming through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The ultimate goal of the Climate Solutions program is “to limit global warming as close as possible to the scientifically endorsed goal of 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

This is one particular program that operates on a different level than the foundation’s other grantmaking priorities in that it has started out by cutting sizable checks to a handful of key players in the climate change field. So far, the grants have been pretty huge, ranging from $300,000 up to $10 million.

To get a broader sense of the types of climate change outfits Mac has supported through its grantmaking, browse through its grants database. It accepts Letters of Inquiry through its grants portal.


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