Max and Anna Levinson Foundation: Grants for Climate Change

OVERVIEW: This Santa Fe-based family foundation supports a number of progressive causes, such as restorative justice for youth, new energy solutions, and the environment, through which it supports "oceans and forests." 

IP TAKE: Levinson is not an exclusive climate change funder. It is inclined to work with indigenous communities. 

PROFILE: The Max and Anna Levinson Foundation is a small, Santa Fe-based family foundation that was founded in 1955. It distributes about a half a million dollars in grants annually. It identifies itself as a Jewish foundation and, as a result, devotes a third of its grantmaking to programs for Jewish culture and Israel. Of the remaining two thirds, one offers grants for the environment. Unfortunately, while the foundation maintains a website, information is limited and does not parse program specifics or grantee information. 

Since much of Levinson’s grantmaking supports themes of social justice, peace and civil rights, its environmental grants are no exception. Levinson conducts climate change grantmaking through its environmental program, which supports issues as they relate to poor or disadvantaged communities. The foundation prioritizes climate change and reduction in fossil-fuel usage. 

The Foundation's approach to grant making takes into account the economic realities of transitioning to a sustainable world. They recognize that climate change is a serious problem, but that there are aspects of our economic lifestyle that serve to exacerbate the problem. They seek to close the continued gap between political reality and environmental reality by working to save and protect functional ecosystems, clean air and water.

Grants are about $30,000 on average. Due to its restricted grantmaking, Levinson tends to award smaller, bolder organizations with innovative ideas rather than large global organizations. Their giving is national, not regional, in scope. Past grantees include the WildEarth Guardians for a "Coal: Keep it in the Ground" campaign, and the American Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel to support an Arab-Jewish Green Forum of Jaffa, among several others. 

The foundation does not accept unsolicited grants nor is it clear if they are welcome to letters of inquiry at present. Grantseekers can contact the foundation by email for more information.

The Max and Anna Levinson Foundation

P.O. Box 6309, Santa Fe, NM 87502-6309   

(505) 995-8802