Starr Foundation: Grants for Climate Change and Clean Energy

OVERVIEW:  The Starr Foundation is a philanthropic behemoth that broadly invests in climate change efforts through its dedicated environment program.

IP TAKE: The Starr Foundation is a large grantor, which maintains a low profile. This funder sometimes offers general operating support. 

PROFILE: Established in 1955, the Starr Foundation funds a range of priorities. Cornelius Vander Starr, an insurance entrepreneur who founded C.V. Starr & Co. and other companies and pioneer of globalization, created the foundation, which has assets of over $1.5 billion dollars. It invests in medicine and healthcare, education, human needs, foreign policy, the environment, and culture.

Climate change grants range widely from about $25,000 to millions of dollars. Past grantees include the Center for National Interest, the Environmental Defense Fund, Securing America’s Future Energy Foundation for general operating support, and the Central Park Conservancy, among many others. Environmental grants prioritize the New York region, but applicants from beyond New York still secure Starr grants.  Starr’s support for the Environmental Defense Fund is also noteworthy. 

The foundation's grants team will personally contact organizations it believes might be promising grantees and ultimately invites them to send a preliminary proposal or inquiry. The foundation does not accept unsolicited applications because too many of them do not fit or support Starr's missions and because it has only a small staff to process such applications. 


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