Brach Family Charitable Foundation: Grants for Climate Change

OVERVIEW: The Brach Family Charitable Foundation supports organizations that address global warming, fossil fuels and renewable resources.

IP TAKE: Although this funder awards groups to smaller grassroots organizations, it tends to favor large national and international organizations in its grantmaking.

PROFILE: William and Nancy Brach established the Brach Family Charitable Foundation in the late 1990s and “[s]upports programs that address underserved populations and programs that advance social justice, human health and consciousness, the welfare of animals and the environment.” Brach’s grantmaking programs include Bringing Mindfulness into Philanthropy, Agricultural Training for Africa’s Youth, Healthcare for Marginalized Americans and Our Environment and Animal Welfare.

Brach’s Our Environment and Animal Welfare program broadly addresses global warming, protecting wildlife and wildlife habitats as well as protecting domestic animals from abuse. In the climate change space, the foundation calls global warming one of the “[m]ost serious environmental challenges of our time” and supports “[e]fforts to stop deforestation and to move away from fossil fuels towards renewable resources.”

Brach Family Charitable Foundation grants are typically modest, often ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. The foundation does not currently accept unsolicited grant applications or request for funding.


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