V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation: Grants for Climate Change

OVERVIEW: The V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation supports climate change organizations whose work is national (U.S.) and international in scope.

IP TAKE: This funder does not offer grants to organizations whose work focuses on a specific country, region, or continent.

PROFILE: In 1991 Danish entrepreneur Villum Kann Rasmussen established the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation (VKRF) to “[p]ursue activities to benefit society,” which focus on environmental research in its grantmaking. VKRF works closely with the KR Foundation, a family nonprofit founded in 2015. According to the foundation’s website, it views human activities at the root of the majority of the world’s environmental problems and aims to “[s]upport the transition to a more environmentally resilient, stable, and sustainable planet.” Focal points of VKRFs grantmaking include ecosystems resilience, protection, and restoration; economic models of ecological stability; next generation and innovative leadership; carbon negative strategies; and climate engineering governance issues.

VKRF primarily supports organizations in the United States working on climate and environmental issues on national and international levels. The foundation supports organizations located outside of the U.S.; however, they must be conducting work on multinational level.

Grants amounts typically range from $20,000 to $200,000. VKRF has awarded past grants to organizations such as the U.S. Climate Plan, which received funding for its youth development leadership program; and 2° Investing Initiative, which received support for its climate issues related to the finance sector. To learn more about the types of climate change organizations VKRF supports, explore its Funding History list.

VKRF generally accepts unsolicited letters of inquiry; however, it will not be accepting any new submissions for 2018. Grantseekers are encouraged to check the foundation’s website regularly to stay abreast of any changes.


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