North Carolina Arts Council: Grants for Dance

OVERVIEW: The North Carolina Arts Council supports artists and arts organizations working in the state.

IP TAKE: Grant seekers applying to these grants will have to compete with artists from all other disciplines. Those with a local or regional connection to their work will likely be the most successful.

PROFILE: Created in 1967, the North Carolina Arts Council seeks to invest “in artists and arts organizations to create an enviable arts infrastructure that reaches every corner of [the] state.” The council’s Dance grantmaking supports both Artists and Organizations.

Under its Grants for Artists program, the arts council funds $10,000 Artist Fellowships. These support “artists in their development and the creation of new work because they play an essential role in the creative vitality of the state.” They support time to work, purchase supplies and equipment, or pursue other artistic goals. The program alternates between visual arts (including film, theater, and dance) and non-visual arts (including writing, songwriting, and composing) every two years.

Dance grant seekers are also eligible for the Mary B. Regan Community Artist Residency program. This program supports “innovative artist-in-residence projects in communities in North Carolina.” The $12,500 grant funds projects for up to one year that engage a local community in a meaningful way. The council expects applicants to develop additional partnerships with other nonprofit organizations to raise additional funds to supplement the council’s funding.

The Regional Artist Project Grants program “provides the opportunity for regional consortia of local arts councils to award project grants to artists in their regions” and supports “professional artists in any discipline and at any stage in their careers to pursue projects that further their professional development.” Grant amounts range from $300 to $5,000, though most fall between $500 to $2,000.

Organizations can apply for Program Support under the Grants for Organizations program. This grant “supports a wide range of high-quality artistic programs including concerts, exhibitions, literary publications, traditional arts documentation projects, and festivals with related educational, interpretive, or outreach activities.” Grant amounts range from $5,000 to $15,000 but may not total more than 10% of the prior year’s cash operating expenses.

The Regional Artist Project Grants for Organizations is similar to the program funding individual artists; however, these support the “regional consortia” and typically range from $500 to $3,000. Grant amount depends on “the amount of money each consortium raises, the number of applicants, the number of artists selected, and the types of projects funded.” 

The Council also funds focused programs that support Arts in Education and Military and Veterans.

New grant seekers can use the Online Portal to apply for funding.


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