The Anderson Center: Grants for Dance

OVERVIEW: The Anderson Center is an artist community in rural Minnesota that provides opportunities for residencies and retreats. It supports the arts in the upper Midwest.

IP TAKE: The center specializes in residencies and retreats to support individual artists in Minnesota. Though this funder conducts regional grantmaking, it prioritizes organizations serving or based in Minnesota. While a regional funder, it dominates grantmaking for dance in an unpopulated area of giving.

PROFILE: Located in Minnesota in the upper Mississippi River region, the Anderson Center was created in 1995 and serves artistic development in all disciplines. It is a national registered landmark that occupies the former estate of Alexander Pierce Anderson, famous for creating the “Quaker Puffed Wheat” and “Quaker Puffed Rice” breakfast cereals. The center seeks to “uphold the unique wealth of the arts in the region; to develop, foster, and promote the creation of works by artists of all kinds; and to provide leadership and services that help to insure a strong, healthy arts community and a greater recognition of the value of the arts in society.” The Anderson Center supports dance with a residency program and an achievement award.

The residency program consists of two to four weeks retreats from May through October each year. It supports “artists, writers, and scholars of exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishment to create, advance, or complete works-in-progress.” Applications should include a resume, work plan, and a work sample. Apply for the residency program here.

The Anderson Center also presents the A.P. Anderson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Literature and the Arts in Minnesota. Past recipients include examples from many different artistic disciples.


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