H. van Ameringen Foundation: Grants for LGBT

OVERVIEW: The H. van Ameringen Foundation supports LGBT organizations that address stigma and fighting for equality.

IP TAKE: This funder has the tendency to support larger LGBTQ institutions rather than smaller local and grassroots groups.

PROFILE: Established in New York by Henry P. van Ameringen in 1967, the H. van Ameringen Foundation focuses its grantmaking on HIV/AIDS, LGBT, prison reform programs, as well as, programs advocating for the legalization of marijuana. In a 2008 issue of Time, van Ameringen is described as being a member of the “Homosexual justice league that can quietly swoop in wherever anti-gay candidates are threatening and finance victories for the good guys.” In a Huffington Post piece, Ameringen wrote that he began funding HIV/AIDS and LGBT organizations with the “Goal of combating stigma that had cost the lives of many people I knew.”

Not to be confused with the van Ameringen Foundation (founded by Arnold Louis van Ameringen in 1950), the H. van Ameringen Foundation maintains a low public profile, does not operate a website, and does not employ a formal staff.

According to its latest tax filings, van Ameringen supports LGBT organizations across the country. The foundation has awarded past grants to organizations such as the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and the Gill Foundation. GLSEN is an organization that supports LBGBTQI students at the K-12 level and the Gill Foundation advocates for LGBT equality.

Though van Ameringen awards grants in the $150,000 to $500,000 range, most grant typically fall in the $5,000 to $100,000 range. The foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications or requests for funding.


  • Henry P. Ameringen, Trustee


37 W. 12th St., No. 11E

New York, New York 10011

(212) 255-0102