Small Change Foundation: Grants for LGBTQ

OVERVIEW: The Small Change Foundation supports projects that benefit disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, including LGBTQ communities.

IP TAKE: This funder primarily supports grassroots groups.

PROFILE: Established in 2009, the San Francisco-based Small Change Foundation is a modestly sized organization that does not employ a formal staff. While its Facebook page indicates that it has a website, it appears that the site is currently not active. According to its Facebook page, the foundation’s “[v]ision is ultimately one of peace & prosperity for all; a peaceful, global community,” goals which the foundation believes “can be achieved through education & sharing of knowledge & resources on a global scale.”

Small Change’s tax filings indicate a broad funding interest in LGBTQ organizations across the United States. The Small Change Foundation does not impose geographic restrictions in its grantmaking. For example, it has awarded grants to organizations located in its home city of San Francisco, California, as well as to those located in Washington, D.C., Miami, Florida, and New York, New York.

The foundation’s grants are modest in size, often ranging between $5,000 and $35,000. In the past, Small Change has awarded grants to organizations such as the Service & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders (SAGE) to assist with its national work, as well as, TrueChild, to provide support for its work concerning gender identity in education and the workplace.

The foundation accepts unsolicited grant applications and requests for funding throughout the year. Grantseekers should submit their materials to the attention of Raymond Mulliner at the address provided below.


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Small Change Foundation

19 Sutter Street

San Francisco, California 94104

(415) 546-7635