Bob A. Ross Foundation: Grants for LGBTQ

OVERVIEW: The Bob A. Ross Foundation award LGBT grants to organizations located in and around San Francisco, California.

IP TAKE: This funder awards grants mainly to LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS organizations.

PROFILE: Not to be confused with host of the PBS show The Joy of Painting with the same name, Bob A. Ross was the founder and publisher of the Bay Area Reporter, as well as, a well-known gay rights advocate and HIV/AIDS activist. Ross established his foundation in San Francisco, California in 1998. The Bob A. Ross Foundation is a low-profile funder that does not have a website or a formal staff. As a result, concrete information is challenging to locate.

However, after examining its tax filings, it appears that Ross restricts its grantmaking to organizations located in or around San Francisco. Its awards to LGBTQ issues are broad and fund a wide-range of related concerns.

Grants are fairly modest in size, often ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. Rather than make awards for specific projects and programs, the Bob A. Ross Foundation awards unrestricted grants. In the past, awards have gone to support organizations such as the Transgender Law Center and the GLBT National Help Center.

The foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications or requests for funding.


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Bob A. Ross Foundation

950 Rockdale Drive

San Francisco, California 94127

(415) 861-5019