David Bohnett Foundation: Grants for LGBT

OVERVIEW: The David Bohnett Foundation's LGBT funding focuses primarily on LGBT equality and access to technology. Grants are also awarded in several additional funding areas that include the arts (particularly in the Los Angeles area), gun violence, animal language, and municipal leadership. 

IP TAKE: Bohnett's grantmaking is prolific, with grants of varying sizes awarded annually to local, state-based, and national organizations. 

PROFILE: Founded in 1999 by West Coast tech entrepreneur and philanthropist David Bohnett, the Beverly Hills-based David Bohnett Foundation has a mandate that includes funding work on the arts (particularly in the Los Angeles area), gun violence, animal language, municipal leadership, and LGBT issues. The foundation has awarded more than $85 million in grants since its founding.

While the foundation broadly describes its mission as to "improve society through social activism," Bohnett Executive Director Michael Fleming has elsewhere referred to LGBT-related issues as "the most important work" the foundation does. Grants are regularly awarded to local, state-based, and national organizations. 

This is not a foundation that exclusively provides funding a small number of grantees each year. Bohnett's LGBT grantmaking is more widely distributed, and recent grants have ranged in size from as little as $500 to nearly $200,000. In recent years, total annual LGBT Community grants have been in the $1 million to $1.5 million range.  A list of Bohnett's LGBT Community Grant recipients can be found here.

Bohnett's foundation has also pursued LGBT funding in the technology arena, particularly creation and funding of CyberCenters that offer free computer and internet access to LGBT individuals. More information about Bohnett's CyberCenters, including a link to CyberCenter grant recipients, can be found here.

The grant process at Bohnett involves three steps, which are outlined in more detail on the grant application page of the foundation's web site.