Stonewall Community Foundation: Grants for LGBTQ

OVERVIEW: The Stonewall Community Foundation supports a wide range of LGBTQ causes ranging from homelessness to improving mental health.

IP TAKE: This funder generally limits its grantmaking to organizations working in New York City.

PROFILE: The Stonewall Community Foundation was established in 1990 in New York City to “[s]trengthen the LGBTQ movement by making smart, values-driven investments in dynamic organizations, projects, and leaders.” The foundation offers microgrants and grants. It is also one of the country’s largest organizations to support LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers.

Stonewall prioritizes LGBTQ grants to organizations serving New York City; however, it has awarded grants to LGBTQ organizations located elsewhere in the United States. For example, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation in Washington, D.C., is a past grantee, as is the Love, Honor, Cherish Foundation, located in Los Angeles, California. To learn more about Stonewall grantees, explore its grantee partners list.

Grant amounts typically fall in the $5,000 to $25,000 range. Stonewall limits its micro-grants to between $25 and $650.

The foundation announces grant opportunities throughout the year during which time it accepts unsolicited grant applications. LGBTQ individuals applying to its microgrants program may do so at any time, though applicants should be aware of the foundation’s current focus for its microgrants, which is subject to change. 


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