Wild Geese Foundation: Grants for LGBT

OVERVIEW: The Wild Geese Foundation supports an array of LGBTQ programs:  online, in schools and communities,  advocacy and policy work, as well as supporting spaces where LGTBQ youth and adults can find support and tools to live a full life. 

IP TAKE: This funder supports progressive organizations all across the United States. Its grantmaking emphasizes community-based, grassroots organizations. 

PROFILE: In 2009, Sara Whitman and her sister founded the Two Sisters and a Wife Foundation. After her sister passed, Sara decided the original name of the foundation no longer fit. She decided to change the name to the Wild Geese Foundation based on the Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese.” Wild Geese seeks to “defend human rights and promote environmental justice” through grantmaking, which "supports work that promotes equality and respects the diversity of human expression and identity." The foundation does so by investing in the LGBTQ community; racial justice; community-based efforts to "create sustainable agriculture and to further environmental justice"; and women's reproductive freedom and women working in non-traditional fields.

Wild Geese prefers a broad-approach to giving rather than dedicating itself to distinct programs; however, it supports LGBTQ individuals through its commitment to a “creat[ing] a safe space for all from cradle to grave.”  The foundation prioritizes grantmaking to organizations that are committed to creating a fair and just society and environmental causes.

This is a modest-sized, family foundation that awards approximately $600,000 in grants each year. The average grant is $10,000 while grants range from $2,500 to $15,000. To get a sense of the types of organizations Wild Geese supports, explore its grants list.

Wild Geese supports smaller, community-based, and grassroots groups through its grantmaking. The foundation accepts unsolicited grant applications and requests for funding. Deadlines for submissions are May 15 and October 15 each year.

Wild Geese does not accept applications for international funding at this time.


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