Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation: Grants for Visual Arts

OVERVIEW: The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation supports projects that help to expand career opportunities for visual artists, as well as skills building, networking, and learning programs for curators.

IP TAKE: Tremaine accepts unsolicited LOIs, but few result in funding. The foundation, however, encourages grantseekers to contact foundation staff and introduce themselves.

PROFILE: During their lifetimes, Emily Hall Tremaine and her husband Burton Tremaine were prolific collectors of 20th century art. Their collection of more than 400 works was sold and the proceeds were used to establish the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation. Its grantmaking intends to "seek and fund innovative projects that advance solutions to basic and enduring problems." Tremaine supports programs in art, environment, and learning differences.

Tremaine's art program offers three times of funding: Support for Artist CareersEmily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award, and Support for Contemporary Art Curators

Grants through Support for Artist Careers intend to “expand career opportunities for visual artists.” The foundation supports a variety of activities in this regard including those related to entrepreneurial skills and expertise building. Grant amounts range from $10,000 to $100,000. In the past, the foundation has supported Amercans for the Arts, Artspace, and Creative Many. To get a broader sense of the types of groups Tremaine supports in this category, explore its recent grants listing.

In contrast, the Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award supports the work of curators who wish explore new contemporary art themes in their exhibitions. Grant guidelines and eligibility information can be found here. Awards are meant to support skills building, networking, and curatorial learning programs

While the foundation technically accepts unsolicited letters of inquiry, it does not encourage them and notes that such letters rarely if ever, result in a grant. 


  • Michelle Knapik, President
  • Heather Pontonio, Art Program Directo