Missouri Arts Council: Grants for Visual Arts

OVERVIEW: The Missouri Arts Council supports arts projects within the state.

IP TAKE: Visual Arts organizations applying to these grants will have to compete with arts organizations from all other disciplines. Those with a local or regional connection to their work will likely be the most successful.

PROFILE: Created in 1965, the Missouri Arts Council is a state agency that promotes arts programming throughout the state. It seeks to broaden “the growth, availability, and appreciation of the arts in Missouri” and to foster “the diversity, vitality, and excellence of Missouri’s communities, economy, and cultural heritage.” The council does its visual arts grantmaking in the form of both annual grants and express grants.

The annual grants support visual arts and most other arts under the Discipline Program Assistance program. Eligible applicants include arts organizations, arts and arts education organizations, chambers of commerce, public libraries, government agencies, youth organizations, public school districts, private k-12 schools, social service organizations, institutions of higher education, and religious organizations. Grant amounts vary each year. Deadlines are typically near the beginning of each year, so grantseekers should prepare their materials well in advance of the project they seek to fund.

Express grants are made on a rolling basis throughout the year. These grants “are designed to encourage small and emerging arts organizations and organizations based in rural communities.” Applications are due on the first Monday of the months, two months before the project is set to occur. Grantseekers can click here to apply.


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