Bancker-Williams Foundation: Grants for Global Health

OVERVIEW: The Bancker-Williams Foundation awards modest grants to various global health and development projects. For now, its interests include microcredit programs for women, population and reproductive health matters, and medical supply delivery to impoverished populations around the world. 

IP TAKE: This is not a big grantmaker, but it seems to award multi-year grants to support local and grassroots outfits.

PROFILE: The Atlanta-based Bancker-Williams Foundation is a small organization. Without a web presence or formal program staff, it keeps a low profile. According to recent tax filings, the foundation awards about 20 to 30 grants in a year; however, they do not reveal specific areas of grantmaking focus. Instead, filings suggest a primary focus on health and development causes in its global grantmaking.

The foundation’s global health and development grants are awarded to groups that work with disadvantaged and vulnerable populations in developing countries. Recent Bancker-Williams support has gone to projects in population and reproductive health, microcredit programs for women, and efforts to deliver medical supplies to needy populations worldwide.

Small outfit that it is, grants are modest, generally $2,000 to $15,000. On rare occasions, it awards grants between $20,000 and $30,000, but those are typically reserved for projects in the United States.

Without a web presence or formal program staff and no clear directives regarding letters of inquiry or grant applications, the Bancker-Williams Foundation is not particularly accessible. Also, it only awards a handful of annual grants to support global causes. So grantees can reasonably anticipate a decent amount of competition for funding dollars here.


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The Bancker-Williams Foundation
c/o Thomas Oastler
130 Riverwood Place
Atlanta, Georgia 30327
(678) 538-2031