Bristol Myers-Squibb Foundation: Grants for Global Health

OVERVIEW: The Bristol Myers-Squibb (BMS) Foundation focuses its international health efforts on three specific areas: cancer in Europe; hepatitis in Asia; and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

IP TAKE: The BMS Foundation focuses on helping improve the health outcomes in poor and vulnerable populations across all of its giving platforms, and it is not unusual for it to tap well known funders in global health. BMS prizes collaboration and partnerships. Smaller organizations seeking out BMS funding should consider collaborating, partnering, or forming a mentor-mentee relationship with larger organizations to gain funding attention from BMS. 

PROFILE: The charitable arm of a multinational pharmaceutical company, the Bristol Myers-Squibb Foundation devotes millions of dollars annually to reducing health care disparities in the United States and in select areas abroad. Internationally, the foundation focuses narrowly on preventing and treating a few, specific diseases most common in a handful of regions. BMS Foundation gives grants to NGOs working in the following geographic and issue areas:

Cancer in Europe: Bristol Myers-Squibb is focused on training and empowering nurses, and on fostering collaboration among governmental and civil society agents that play a role in health care policy and cancer prevention and treatment services.

Hepatitis in Asia: The foundation looks for projects that strengthen the capacity of health care workers, spread general awareness about hepatitis, and contribute to more effective health policies in the region.

Through its Secure the Future initiative, the foundation continues to address the HIV/AIDS needs of vulnerable and marginalized populations with a particular emphasis on women and children. However, it is also focusing its HIV/AIDS funding efforts on providing technical assistance, skills building, and a knowledge transfer program through multi-sector collaborations. Currently, Secure the Future has dozens of operational grants, typically ranging in amount from around $10,000 to $100,000. 

      The BMS Foundation occasionally makes larger grants to organizations that are established, well known, and already have the resources to achieving change on a large scale. However, most grants fall in the $10,000 to $100,000 range.

      In general, the BMS Foundation appreciates metrics and documentation, so prospective grantees should send detailed proposals. The foundation's grant application process is one of the most grantee-friendly around, but be prepared before you approach the foundation for support. Bristol-Myers Squibb, as a rule, likes details, data points, and plenty of financial, legal, and other supporting information about your organization. The foundation will process your submission in about six to eight weeks.


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