International Planned Parenthood Federation: Grants for Global Health

OVERVIEW: The International Planned Parenthood Federation's (IPPF) global health spending predominantly funds its affiliates — reproductive health service providers in countries around the world; however, on occasion, the IPPF awards smaller grants to organizations whose missions and projects complement the IPPF's.

IP TAKE: Because the IPPF has its own service providers to carry out its mission, it is unlikely to fund an organization that duplicates its efforts. However, if you can enhance its standing, consider the foundation's occasional calls for proposals.

PROFILE: The International Planned Parenthood Federation is a renowned funder of reproductive health. Established in 1952 by eight national family planning associations, the IPPF seeks to "[l]ead a locally owned, globally connected civil society movement that provides and enables services and champions sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, especially the underserved." Practicing accountability and an intersectional approach, the IPPF devotes a majority of its annual budget to member associations around the world. These sister associations include Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Each organization carries out IPPF's core mission: making sexual and reproductive health services safe and accessible to all, regardless of sexual orientation, race, or religion. 

The IPPF names four focuses in its global health grantmaking: women and girls, youth, the poor and vulnerable, and humanitarian work. Although it focuses on funding its affiliated associations, the IPPF also funds organizations whose work aligns with its reproductive health focuses. For a closer look at the IPPF's 2016-2022 funding priorities, read its detailed Strategic Framework

Although the IPPF predominantly funds reproductive health and justice-related projects, it also supports grantmaking in other areas of global health as they relate to reproduction and innovation, such as the Innovation Fund, which supports grantees that innovate in the area of reproductive and sexual rights. Grantseekers are advised to closely read the IPPF's Approach page, which offers an in-depth look at its most recent programs, partnerships, and related work. 

 The IPPF funds its affiliated associations, and sometimes funds large INGOs (in the millions) whose work complement's and raises the profile of its own. The IPPF does not accept unsolicited proposals. 


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