International Society for Infectious Diseases: Grants for Global Health

OVERVIEW: International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID) offers one small grantmaking program. It also offers two fellowships for young scientists studying some of the world’s most infectious diseases.

IP TAKE: This is not a large infectious disease grantmaker, but ISID grants can serve as a great catalyst for the careers of young scientists and researchers.

PROFILE: The International Society for Infectious Diseases was formed in 1986 when the International Congress on Infectious Diseases and the International Federation on Infectious and Parasitic Diseases merged. ISID is composed of members from over 155 countries around the world and is dedicated to “[i]mproving the care of patients with infectious diseases, the professional development and standing of clinicians and scientists in the field, and the control of infectious diseases around the world.”

ISID offers one grantmaking program and two fellowships for young scientists. The foundation limits research grants to $7,000 USD. Grants supports pilot projects to help young investigators develop their careers and acquire the necessary skills and data to garner additional grants from other institutions in the future. ISID names “[i]nvestigations of the epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis or treatment of infectious diseases, the epidemiology and control of hospital-acquired infections, and modeling of cost-effective interventions,” as areas of interest; however, it does not limit its investigators to these specific areas of study.

The ISID/ESCMID Fellowship focuses on supporting young scientists in developing countries increase their experience in infectious disease research. The fellowship offers a stipend of up to $7,500 USD  over the course of three months. The SSI/ISID Infectious Diseases Research Fellowship Program is a joint effort between ISID and the Swiss Society for Infectious Diseases (SSI). This is one-year, $35,500 USD fellowship that focuses on increasing the research capacity of low income/high disease burden countries around the world.

ISID is a small, but accessible funder. It accepts applications for both its fellowships and its small grants program throughout the year. Grantseekers should note that deadlines exist for submissions, generally around March and April 1 of each year. Additionally, this organization does not limit its funding to the study of specific infectious diseases. 


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