Macauley Foundation: Grants for Global Health

OVERVIEW: The Macauley Foundation largely focuses on improving children's health and health outcomes in developing countries.

IP TAKE: Macauley is an approachable, but quiet funder that offers modest grants that makes it well-suited to smaller organizations that seek to affect change at a local level.

PROFILE: The Macauley Foundation was established by the late Bob Macauley, his wife Leila, and their children. The Macauley’s are also the founders of the AmeriCares Foundation, which has been providing disaster and medical relief both domestically and abroad for over two decades. Despite maintaining a website, the foundation is relatively quiet preferring to restrict its site to a single page. 

Macauley's approach to grantmaking is broad, and its website only states that its “sole purpose” is to support NGOs that “[e]xemplify compassion for human kind and are committed to improving lives the world over;” however, tax filings reveal areas of interest that recall those of the AmeriCares Foundation. Macauley supports global health concerns related to children in developing and least-developed countries around the world. 

The foundation only offers a handful of awards, which range from $5,000 to $30,000. The foundation also heavily supports AmeriCares, which often receives the largest of Macauley’s annual grants.

Macauley does accept unsolicited grant applications and encourages grantseekers to get in touch.


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The Macauley Foundation
131 Hazel Plain Rd.
Woodbury, Connecticut 06789
(203) 263-3816