Sidaction: Grants for Global Health

OVERVIEW: Sidaction makes several global health grants each year, which it awards to projects that treat and prevent HIV/AIDS around the world. Its greatest concentration of international grants is in sub-Saharan Africa. 

IP TAKE: Although its website is in French, grant seekers should not be deterred from applying. Use an internet translator to get a better grasp of what they seek to fund. 

PROFILE: Established in 1994, Sidaction began by funding medical research, but expanded its scope in 1997 to include HIV/AIDS service provisions in developing countries. Its annual grantmaking predominantly supports scientific and medical research or other HIV/AIDS projects in France. However, Sidaction funds HIV/AIDS projects beyond its borders, emphasizing services for marginalized groups in developing countries. Since it receives funds from a variety of sources that often specify how funds should be used, Sidaction's funders vary between projects.

Sidaction's grants fund projects in more than 25 developing countries around the world. The foundation supports organizations that provide training for medical professionals, treat patients with HIV/AIDS, allocate care and support for HIV-affected children, and empower marginalized populations (particularly people with disabilities, intravenous drug users, and people who identify as gay or transgender). Groups supporting Sidaction's international HIV/AIDS work include French fashion mogul Pierre Berge (through his foundation), the French government, the MAC AIDS Fund, the Air France Foundation, and the AREVA Foundation, among others.

Sidaction grants tend to give a few tens of thousands of dollars each and are most concentrated in sub-Saharan African countries, where HIV/AIDS is most widespread and treatment resources most scarce.

Sidaction makes regular calls for proposals on its website, so grant seekers are well advised to check their site consistently for announcements. Overall, Sidaction's medical research grant applications request many specifics, while its international HIV/AIDS services grants are more general. U.S. grant seekers in the United States should note that since Sidaction's website is exclusively in French, they are advised to ask on-staff French speakers when beginning the process of applying for Sidaction support. 


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