AbbVie Foundation: Grants for Global Health

OVERVIEW: The AbbVie Foundation concentrates on improving health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. Its focus areas include HIV/AIDS, neglected tropical diseases, developing sustainable healthcare infrastructure, and improving access to quality healthcare.

IP TAKE: AbbVie typically partners with large international organizations to achieve its philanthropic mission. Grassroots outfits will likely find it difficult to attract the foundation’s funding unless they can demonstrate both a track record of success and the potential to effect widespread positive health outcomes.

PROFILE: The AbbVie Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the global biopharmaceutical and research development company, AbbVie. Headquartered in North Chicago, Illinois, the company is most often associated with its Patient Assistance Foundation, which helps people in the U.S. who are experiencing financial difficulties obtain the medications they need. AbbVie is dedicated to "[h]aving a remarkable impact on the lives of the underserved around the world.” It supports sustainable healthcare systems, effective healthcare education, and building strong communities.

While AbbVie does not name specific grantmaking programs, it seeks to improve access to healthcare and standards of care in low- and middle-income countries around the world. The foundation supports disease-specific programs in developing countries. In particular, it supports HIV/AIDS and neglected tropical diseases. Its HIV/AIDS related grantmaking includes projects that help to prevent mother-to-child transmission, pediatric AIDS, as well as testing and counseling services. AbbVie tends to support large international organizations that have the potential to make a significant impact such as Direct Relief, Baylor International, and AMPATH.

AbbVie predominately conducts its grantmaking through its donor-advised fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, over which the foundation has advisory privileges. Grants are made quarterly and typically range from $50,000 to $200,000. Grantseekers could also contact the foundation staff.


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