Royal Society of Tropical Medicine: Grants for Global Health

OVERVIEW: The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine supports clinicians, scientists, and investigators in all disciplines related to tropical medicine and global health.

IP TAKE: This funder prioritizes work that demonstrates a strong degree of creativity and innovation. It also seeks projects that benefit people beyond academia.

PROFILE: The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH) has been “[d]edicated to changing the face of global health” since 1907. It works at the "[c]utting edge of the study, control and prevention of human and animal diseases worldwide, charting changing patterns and pioneering new interpretations of modern tropical medicine and global health." The London-based foundation supports "[c]linicians and scientists in all disciplines of tropical medicine and global health, including the relationship between human health and animal health, in the pursuit of themes of clinical or scientific research or fieldwork." It invests in investigators, clinicians and scientists in all tropical medicine and global health disciplines, focusing on clinical research, scientific research and fieldwork.

RSTMH offers small grants to early career investigators who are pursuing innovative projects that provide benefits beyond academia. Its grants are limited to £5,000 and are open to early career scientists who have 15 or fewer years of relevant training or employment. Investigators and researchers from any country in the world are eligible to apply. To get an idea of the kinds of projects supported by this funder, explore its current awards list.

The foundation also funds training and travel scholarships limited to a maximum of £1,000

RSTMH has an open application process and accepts unsolicited requests for funding. The submission deadline typically falls somewhere toward the end of January with funds disbursement beginning in April. Dates are subject to change, so interested parties should keep a close watch on the RSTMH website to stay up-to-date on any changes.  


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