Harry S. Black & Allon Fuller Fund: Grants for Chicago and NYC

OVERVIEW: The Harry S. Black & Allon Fuller Fund supports health and human services in Chicago and New York City.

FUNDING AREAS: Health, human services

IP TAKE: This is a good funder to know for Chicago groups that work with adults who have physical disabilities.

PROFILE: Established in 1930, the Harry S. Black & Allon Fuller Fund is a private foundation focused on Illinois and New York. This foundation is managed by Bank of America’s Illinois office. The funder aims to support “quality health care and human services programming for underserved populations.” Grantmaking supports health and human services.

This funder supports health care causes that work to provide access to health care, health education, and health policy analysis and advocacy. Fuller also prioritizes low-income communities through its health giving. The funder’s human services giving largely centers on services for people with physical disabilities. Fuller also funds organizations that offer programs for physically disabled people, advocate and analyze disability policy, create and manage workforce development programs, and that improve the quality of life for disabled individuals overall. However, the foundation does not typically provide services to mentally or developmentally disabled individuals. Past local support has gone to the Chicago-based organization of Second Sense, Chicago Women’s Health Center, St. Bernard Hospital & Health, and the Howard Area Community Center. Much of this funder’s support is in the form of general operating funds and program/project funds. For the most part, capital projects, research, and endowment campaigns are not considered.

Foundation grants are often $5,000 to $20,000. Learn more about this funder’s local giving by examining its recent tax records. Grantmaking is focused on the cities of Chicago and New York City. Groups must be geographically located in and serving one of these two major cities to be eligible for grants. A majority of foundation grants are for one-year periods.

This foundation accepts unsolicited grant applications from nonprofits. The annual application deadline is June 30, and applicants can expect to hear back with a funding decision by October 31 of the same year. Grantseekers must use the Bank of America online system to apply for a grant. Direct general questions to the staff at ilgrantmaking@ustrust.com or 312-828-8166.


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