Bloomberg Philanthropies: New York City Grants

OVERVIEW: The Bloomberg Philanthropies combine Mayor Michael Michael Bloomberg's individual giving, family giving, and overall charitable activities.

FUNDING AREAS: public health, environment, education, government innovation, and arts & culture

IP TAKE: The Bloomberg Philanthropies like to stay ahead of the trends. Find a way to incorporate mobile technology into your organization's program to show Bloomberg that you're one step ahead as well. Anti-tobacco initiatives are huge with Bloomberg lately, so jump on board if you can.

PROFILE: Bloomberg Philanthropies draw upon Mayor Mike Bloomerg's decades of experience making lasting changes in people's lives in both the public and private sectors. The foundation encompasses the Mayor's individual charitable giving, the Bloomberg Family Foundation's giving, and his other his other charitable activities. In line with his own passions, the foundation's focus areas are public health, environment, education, government innovation, and arts & culture.

Bloomberg is somewhat of a control freak when it comes to his philanthropy, and he likes to stay incredibly involved in the whole process, start to finish, on a personal level. He's donated billions to nonprofit causes during his lifetime and Bloomberg Philanthropies typically distributes over $350 million in grants annually. If the foundation's blog posts count for anything, Bloomberg's priorities have been centered around tobacco control operations, greenhouse gas emissions, and mobile technology.

Bloomberg focuses on unique issues that seem to be overlooked by many other philanthropic organizations. The foundation provides regular support to organizations improving road safety, tobacco control, and coal regulation. Although it supports causes around the country, Bloomberg prides itself on making a different in New York City through programs like the Young Men's Initiative, which has helped Black and Latino men rise above the stereotypes and make their own success.

Bloomberg loves to see the entrepreneurial spirit in nonprofit organizations since he has always valued that quality in himself. The foundation is also really into health initiatives that reduce tobacco usage and get Americans to eat healthier. Sustainable energy sources and public sector accountability are also hot button issues for Bloomberg. Although the foundation's education reform program has a national focus, special attention is often given to New York City schools. Big name arts organizations aren't favored by Bloomberg, and in fact the foundation prefers to help out small to mid-sized arts and culture nonprofits.

While Bloomberg is open to new ideas, they won’t accept your unsolicited grant proposal because applications are accepted by invitation only. For more information or to get your foot in the door, you’ll need to contact Bloomberg via online form. If so inclined, you can also keep up with the foundation's blog to stay in tune with giving trends and successful grantees.


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