Tiger Foundation: New York City Grants

OVERVIEW: This funder supports education, employment, youth & families, and criminal justice causes in the five boroughs of New York City to end the cycle of poverty. 

FUNDING AREAS: Education, employment, youth & families, and criminal justice

IP TAKE: This is a great local funder to apply to for general operating support. Any group who fights poverty in New York City should reach out to this foundation.

PROFILE: The Tiger Foundation is all about breaking the cycle of poverty in New York City. Since more than one in five New Yorkers lives below the federal poverty line, this is a pressing cause that needs as many funders' support as possible. The foundation was established by the chairman of Tiger Management, LLC, Julian H. Robertson, Jr., in 1989. This hedge fund closed in 2000, but former Tiger employees still stay involved with the philanthropic side of things.

This funder supports nonprofits in all five boroughs and has four funding portfolios: education, employment, youth and families, and criminal justice. It looks for cost-effectiveness, a strong financial position, skilled leadership, measurable outcomes and replicable impact from the grantees it supports.

The Tiger Foundation’s education program supports New York City K-12 public schools through grants to charter schools, public school intermediary organizations, enrichment programs, and leadership development programs.

To support employment groups in the city, Tiger funds groups that provide job opportunities to adults and teens who have barriers to employment, such as a history of substance abuse, homelessness, previous incarceration or lack of education.

Youth and families grants go towards early intervention for at-risk kids up to five years old, in-school and out-of-school program interventions, and family self-sufficiency efforts.

Finally, Tiger criminal justice grants support direct services in NYC neighborhoods for alternatives to incarceration, post-incarceration transitioning, research and policy work.

Most Tiger grants run between $50,000 and $500,000, and it has historically relied upon annually re-circulating pools of capital raised from board members and other partners. In a recent year, the funder awarded $15 million in grants, but it only considers single-year investments. Since it was established, this foundation has given out over $150 million in local poverty grants.

The application process is conducted online, and you can learn about past grantees on the foundation’s website. Lately, the foundation has been interested in homeless shelters, local schools and helping ex-convicts get their lives back on track. You can follow the funder’s news section for more updates.

The foundation’s trustees are actively involved in the grantmaking process and committed to poverty-related causes in New York. General inquiries can be directed to the staff at (212) 984-2565 or info@tigerfoundation.org.


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