Comcast Foundation: Philadelphia Grants

OVERVIEW: This Philadelphia-based funder supports digital literacy, community service and future leaders programs in the city and throughout its other service areas. Local Comcast employees identify potential grantees.

FUNDING AREAS: Digital literacy, community service, future leaders.

IP TAKE: Pitch a program that celebrates diversity in the city, especially one that includes Latino groups.

PROFILE: The Comcast Foundation is based in Philadelphia and a substantial part of its grantmaking is focused on the city. The foundation was established in 1999 and so far has committed more than $170 million to the communities Comcast serves. In a recent year, the funder committed $17.4 million in grants to nonprofit organizations.

Grantmaking is focused on expanding digital literacy, promoting community service and building tomorrow’s leaders. This was the foundation’s response when asked how it identifies potential grantees:

"Our local Comcast systems identify organizations as potential grant recipients or as part of our national initiatives such as Comcast Cares Day. Only organizations operating within Comcast Cable’s service areas will be considered. While there are many non-profit organizations effectively making a difference in our communities, we regret that we cannot support them all.

Our community partners are proactively identified by local Comcast employees in the field. As members of the community, they have an intimate knowledge of local non-profits and can best allocate the funds to projects that will make the largest impact where it is most needed."

In recent years, the Comcast Foundation has been a noted supporter of Latino causes in Philadelphia and elsewhere. Overall, the foundation’s top priority is diversity-oriented programs that address its three key giving areas. For example, Comcast has worked recently with local Latino groups like Aspira, Esperanza and Congreso. It has also partnered with the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project in California to boost civic engagement and leadership experience.

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Unfortunately for grantseekers, neither the company nor the foundation accepts unsolicited grant proposals or sponsorship requests. However, nonprofits can send in information about their organizations and programs to get in touch. As long as your organization operates within a Comcast service area, you can use the local address for correspondence.

Philadelphia groups can reach out to the Comcast Corporation at Comcast Center, 1701 JKF Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA, 19103. Alternatively, send an inquiry about Comcast Foundation funding to


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