Sidney Kimmel Foundation: Philadelphia Grants

OVERVIEW: This funder supports art, medicine, and Jewish causes in Philadelphia. The fashion influencer and filmmaker was born and raised here, and much of his giving stays in the city.

FUNDING AREAS: Art & culture, medicine, cancer research, Jewish causes, scholarships

IP TAKE: Philadelphia organizations have the best chance of catching Kimmel’s attention with an art & culture idea that revitalizes public space and engages the people of Philadelphia.

PROFILE: The Sidney Kimmel Foundation was established in 1993 and has four main focus areas for giving, including cancer research, medicine, and Jewish continuity. But this funder is also focused on local giving in Philadelphia, which is what we are highlighting in this profile.

On the foundation’s website, Ed Rendell, former mayor of Philadelphia and former governor of Pennsylvania, is quoted making the following statement about this donor:

Philadelphia is thriving for a number of reasons, but unmistakably it would not be the city it is without Sidney Kimmel. Not only is he a creative and thoughtful philanthropist, but he brings his shrewd business acumen and love of Philadelphia to the table in his decision making.

Kimmel was born and raised in Philadelphia and has always been dedicated to his hometown. He’s been one of the most generous philanthropists in the city, as evident from his name on buildings around the city. Extensive support has gone to the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, the National Constitution Center, the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University, the Sidney Kimmel Laboratory for Preventative Cardiology at Thomas Jefferson University, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University, and the National Museum of American Jewish History. You can learn more about each of these entities and Kimmel’s investments into them on the funder’s Philadelphia page.

Over the years, Kimmel has remained committed to the arts and what the arts can do for Philadelphia. For example, the performing arts center was designed not just as an events space but also an economic engine to drive the city’s downtown revitalization. His business career centered on the fashion and filmmaking industries, but his philanthropy is all about art and medicine. Jewish causes and education, by way of scholarships, are also part of Kimmel’s giving strategy.

At the time this profile was written, Kimmel gifts exceeded $850 million. Not only did Kimmel sign the Giving Pledge, but he also more than fulfilled it during his lifetime.

Unfortunately for grantseekers in Philadelphia or elsewhere, this foundation does not accept applications for funding. You can occasionally, but not very frequently, find grantmaking news posted on the funder’s website to keep up with what this foundation is doing.  


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