Marmot Foundation: Grants for Delaware

OVERVIEW: The Marmot Foundation supports health, education, culture, youth, human services, and the environment in Delaware.

FUNDING AREAS: Health, education, culture, youth, human services, environment

IP TAKE: This foundation maintains a low profile but typically gives out over $1.5 million per year and mostly in Delaware.

PROFILE: Established in 1968, the Marmot Foundation is a family foundation based in Wilmington, Delaware. This foundation is affiliated with the DuPont family of the chemical company behemoth, with Willis H. duPont serving as chairman and other duPont family members serving as trustees. The foundation’s major donor is reported as the Margaret F. duPont Trust and is managed by the Wilmington Trust Company. The foundation funds local efforts for health, education, culture, youth, human services, and the environment, though it has been a major contributor to health concerns due to chemical leaks, such as Teflon, poisoning duPont workers and communities in which it runs chemical plants.

The Marmot Foundation does not have a website to guide grantseekers. However, past tax filings show that Marmot funds a range of causes at the local level. Specific interests include hospitals, secondary education, higher education, libraries, community funds, cultural programs, and museums. Marmot also awards grants to ecological organizations, environmental programs, literacy programs, youth agencies, and social services groups. Homelessness, housing, family planning, and residential care programs also see this funder’s support.   Overall, the foundation does not provide funding for the strictly religious programs of religious organizations, to individuals, or for scholarships or loans.

Grants range between about $5,000 and $50,000. Learn more about this funder’s local giving by examining its recent tax records. Grantmaking focuses primarily on Delaware, with some grants supporting Pennsylvania and Florida organizations as well. Delaware grantees are in New Castle, Nassau, Wilmington, Dover, and Hockessin. Past local grantees include the Delaware Center for Horticulture, Nativity Preparatory School, Jewish Family Services, and the New Castle United Methodist Church.

This foundation accepts unsolicited grant applications from nonprofits. It does not require any official application form. However, it wants to receive proposals in April or October. Marmot makes grant determinations in May and November each year. Direct general questions to the staff at 302-651-1300.


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