Majestic Realty Foundation: Grants for Los Angeles

OVERVIEW: The philanthropic arm of the real estate development company by natural extension seeks to support the communities in which it does business, with a focus on youth development, education, health, violence prevention and support of families.

IP TAKE: The Majestic Realty Foundation grants to eight geographic areas, including Los Angeles, as well as Southern California environs the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire, which garner even more support. Amounts are mostly modest, but there's opportunities to be had across all giving areas.

PROFILE: Founded in 2002, the Majestic Realty Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Majestic Realty, a real estate development firm that specializes in building business parks “that serve communities.” By extension, it built a foundation to further “enhance the quality of life” in those communities, with the recognition that “needs were growing rapidly,” by focusing on five “key investment areas”: Youth, Education, Family, Health and Violence Prevention.

Couple these five giving areas with the foundation's seven-word “Guiding Principles”—Vision, Leadership, Passion, Commitment, Caring, Creativity and Collaboration—and you start to get a clear sense of how this funder frames its support, and therefore how you should frame your program.

The caveat is that you must operate in one of Majestic Realty Foundation's eight geographic areas. The good news for LA-area grantseekers is that Majestic operates not only throughout the Los Angeles area, but also throughout two other large Los Angeles-adjacent swaths: the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire.

More good news: the Majestic Realty Foundation funds general operating costs as well as program support. It also declares an interest in leveraging other matching funds grants you may have received—stating that as a priority way of giving, in fact.

The primary downside is that amounts given are very modest. The Majestic Realty Foundation is unlikely to be your major benefactor or silver bullet. But if you're building a portfolio of modest investors, there's opportunity here.

Recent Los Angeles, San Gabriel, and Inland Empire grantees include:

The Majestic Realty Foundation has an open LOI, inviting submissions year-round.


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