Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation: Los Angeles Grants

OVERVIEW: Many of this foundation’s grantmaking programs prioritize the Greater Los Angeles area. College access & retention and arts & culture education are Los Angeles-specific, and the foundation regularly makes grants to local Jewish causes, diabetes prevention, and Alzheimer’s research.

IP TAKE: Although Jewish causes in Israel take the bulk of the Gilbert Foundation’s grantmaking budget, support for Jewish programs in Los Angeles lags behind college access and healthcare. Most funding in Los Angeles takes place within the college readiness, diabetes prevention, and Alzheimer’s focus areas.

PROFILE: Created in 2001, the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation was created to honor their namesake’s humanitarian and charitable legacy. It seeks to improve “communities in Southern California and Israel.” Arthur and Rosalinde Gilbert moved from England to Los Angeles in 1949 to become successful real estate entrepreneurs and subsequently, passionate philanthropists. The couple were committed art collectors and supported both local causes and Jewish programs in Israel. Today, the Gilbert Foundation supports the following programs and initiatives: College Access and Success; Health, including Diabetes & Obesity prevention and Alzheimer’s Disease research & caregiver support; Israel; Arts Education; Jewish Life; programs at UC Berkeley and UCLA that intersect with the foundation’s mission and objectives; and the occasional special project.

Although the funder makes occasional exceptions, Gilbert grantmaking almost entirely prioritizes support for Los Angeles County and Israel. The foundation privileges direct service program support and generally avoids awarding general operating support to nonprofits. In a past year, the foundation awarded over $10 million in grants, $3.4 million of which supported Israel. However, it approved over a million dollars in grants for both college access and success programs and healthcare programs that year.

Past college access and success grantees in the Los Angeles area include Cal-PAS, College Bound, College Bound, College Match, and South Central Scholars. Healthcare grants almost exclusively prioritize Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving and diabetes prevention. In 2007, the foundation brought together a panel of experts to review the most pressing issues around Alzheimer’s and developed a legacy award to promote innovation through caregiving, creative expression, and multicultural communities. However, the foundation supports childhood diabetes, obesity prevention, and access to healthy foods to a lesser extent. Most of these grants have a Los Angeles focus.

Past arts education grants support museums, dance groups, theater groups, music groups, and visual arts programs. Gilbert seeks programs that teach art to kids and teenagers in the Greater Los Angeles area. The key is to focus on cross-cultural collaborations and emphasize artistic applications to children’s personal and social lives. Gilbert’s local Jewish Life program supports educating Jewish and non-Jewish Angelinos to help reduce anti-Semitism. The foundation also makes grants to UCLA and UC Berkeley programs that align with the aforementioned ideals.

The Gilbert Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for funding.


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