Hexberg Family Foundation: Grants for Girls and Women

OVERVIEW: The Hexberg Family Foundation does not have a specific grantmaking program dedicated to causes that affect girls and women.

IP TAKE: This funder awards modest grants to U.S.-based organizations operating in least-developed countries around the world. 

PROFILE: Established in 2001 in Laguna Beach, California, the Hexberg Family Foundation is a modest-sized organization that does not operate a website or employ a formal staff. Its latest tax filings, however, indicate a funding interest in global health, global development, and girls’ and women’s rights.

Grant amounts are modest in size, and often range from $5,000 and $15,000. The foundation appears to award several grants each year. Globally, Hexberg grants typically go to support larger international organizations rather than local and grassroots nonprofits. Its domestic grantmaking shows a strong indication that the foundation backs organizations both large and small. Local and grassroots groups working abroad should not necessarily exclude Hexberg from their funding search.

The Hexberg Family Foundation does not impose geographic restrictions on its grantmaking and does not accept unsolicited grant applications, proposals, or requests for funding.


  • Gregory Hexberg, Trustee
  • Jill Hexberg, Trustee
  • Deborah Hexberg, Trustee


Hexberg Family Foundation

921 Emerald Bay

Laguna Beach, California 92651

(714) 236-4800