Fund for Nonviolence: Grants for Girls and Women

OVERVIEW: The Fund for Nonviolence awards grants to social change organizations across the country.

IP TAKE: This funder seeks organizations that reflect a deep understanding of how their work affects women and girls. It also seeks organizations that promote women’s leadership.

PROFILE: Founded in 1997 and based in Santa Cruz, California, the Fund for Nonviolence “[c]ultivates and supports efforts to bring about social change that moves humanity towards a more just and compassionate coexistence.” The fund focuses its grantmaking on organizations that address injustices in marginalized communities, as well as those fighting against the “[r]oot causes of race, class, and gender injustice. It conducts grantmaking through Justice with Dignity and Lifting Voices of Resistance.

Its Justice with Dignity program funds organizations working to reduce incarceration and expose human rights abuses of those who are currently incarcerated or formerly incarcerated. This program also supports the elimination of the death penalty. Furthermore, the fund’s Lifting Voices of Resistance program seeks organizations that promote justice and peace, as well as those that shift national focus and resources from militarism and wars. 

Grant amounts generally range from $20,000 to $100,000. Past grantees include the Women’s Foundation of California, which received funding for the Criminal Justice Cohort of the Women’s Policy Institute; and Essie Justice Group, which received a grant for its work with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women. To learn more about the fund’s Justice with Dignity grants, explore its grants list and click here to learn more about Lifting Voices of Resistance grantees.

The Fund for Nonviolence is not accepting unsolicited letters of inquiry for its Justice with Dignity or Lifting Voices of Resistance programs at this time.