The PIMCO Foundation Supports Women and Girls Around the Globe

This funder prioritizes gender equality. Credit: ErikaWittleib via Pixabay (Public Domain)The PIMCO Foundation is the philanthropic offshoot of PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company), an investment management firm that is itself a subsidiary of Allianz. It's easy enough to make a connection between that and support of global development, but really how the parent company's for-profit work relates is in the nuts-and-bolts of the application itself; the pre-emptive financial reporting for this grant application is as rigorous as these things come (more on that below).

For now, though, here’s the throughline: The mission of The PIMCO Foundation is “to empower people globally to reach their full potential.” This includes a specific emphasis on women and girls around the globe.

The PIMCO Foundation takes special interest in women and girls through itsgiving area called "Gender Equality and Economic Development." The foundation explains this focus by stating: "Around the globe, women and girls bear a disproportionate amount of the consequences of war, violence, poverty, trafficking, and oppression of every kind." The foundation also notes that women comprise 70% of the world's poorest people.

It's important to keep these observations of The PIMCO Foundation in mind as they relate to your program for women and girls, as well as how they relate to the foundation's further thoughts on supporting gender equality and economic growth.

For gender equality, The PIMCO Foundation seeks "programs that empower women and girls to develop their collective voice to bring about change on behalf of their families and communities."

For economic growth, the foundation seeks program that focus on "long-term approaches to women's and girls' financial empowerment."

Gender Equality and Economic Development grants from The PIMCO Foundation range from $25,000 to $100,000. They are typically limited to one-year support (though the foundation will entertain multi-year requests to a limited number of “returning” grantees).

Recent grantees that focus on gender equality and/or the economic empowerment of women and girls include Grameen America (New York, NY); Pro Mujer (New York, NY); and Sustainable Health Enterprises (New York, NY).

You'd be right to notice that all three of these examples are New York City-based organizations. Work in support of women and girls can be focused (and executed) globally, as well as domestically, but no matter what, grants from The PIMCO Foundation go to U.S.-based nonprofit. And although The PIMCO Foundation explicitly states that there are “no geographic restrictions” for its Gender Equality and Economic Development giving, unquestionably the regions of New York City and Southern California are favored as the "organizational home-bases" for the support work. That is likely because Southern California (specifically Orange County) and New York City are the two hubs on its for-profit side, and are the only two regions in which the foundation gives for one of its other granting categories (Critical Community Needs) as well as when it comes to Event Sponsorships. (For the record, the foundation also supports a very healthy employee matching gifts program, as well as an infrastructure for employee volunteers.)

Speaking of that for-profit side of PIMCO: This is a rigorous application, and it notably relates to the management of your organization’s money. The foundation requires extensive discussion of your organization’s financials, and it goes far beyond the baseline requirement to be a 501(c)(3). There’s analysis of your program-to-administration overall operating budget ratios, your cash-on-hand vs. current liabilities ratios, and a hard look at how diversified your income is (private donors, foundation grants, government support, service contracts, and more).

The good news is that The PIMCO Foundation’s application is an open one. Requests for Gender Equality and Economic Development funding are due at the end of May.


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