Brian Garfield

NET WORTH: Unknown


FUNDING AREAS: Environmental Sustainability, Collaborative Networks, Advancing Systems Change Practices

OVERVIEW: Brian Garfield helps steer the Garfield Foundation which funds innovative models for change in three program areas: Collaborative Networks, Advancing Systems Change Practices, and Environmental Sustainability.

BACKGROUND: Brian Garfield, a writer, was born in 1939 and grew up in Arizona. He’s an Army veteran and earned a master’s degree from the University of Arizona. Garfield has published 70 books, and various shorter works. His novel, Death Wish, became the basis for a series of Charles Bronson action movies. Another film based on Garfield’s novel and screenplay, Death Sentence, starring Kevin Bacon, was released in 2007.

THE GARFIELD FOUNDATION: The family built wealth in the cosmetics industry and funded the Garfield Foundation, which initially focused on medical, scientific, and legislative research. Garfield and two other trustees took the reins in 1996.

Today, the Garfield Foundation focuses on three areas: Environmental Sustainability, Collaborative Networks, Advancing Systems Change Practices. The Garfield Foundation’s Collaborative Networks program supports the development of strategic networks of diverse stakeholders working on complex sustainability issues. The Garfield Foundation’s environmental grants support “solutions-oriented, innovative and collaborative projects addressing: the materials economy, excessive consumption and the waste it produces; rising levels of toxic pollution in our bodies, homes, workplaces and communities; and, America’s disproportionately out-sized contribution to global warming.”

Grantees have included the Consumers for Dental Choice, Mercury Policy Project, Natural Resources Defense Council, Clean Production Action, and Energy Action Network. The foundation works in collaboration with the RE-AMP Network, which “consists of over 130 nonprofits and foundations across eight Midwestern states working on climate change and energy policy with the goal of reducing global warming pollution economy-wide 80% by 2050”; as well as the Cancer Free Economy Network, which aims to “will lift the burden of cancers and other diseases by driving a dramatic and equitable transition from toxics to effective clean and safe alternatives.”

LOOKING FORWARD: Expect Garfield and the foundation to continue to dig into established interest areas.

LINK: Garfield Foundation