Jason and Deborah McManus

NET WORTH: Unknown


FUNDING AREAS: Arts & Culture, Education & Youth, Human Services, Fortifying Communities

OVERVIEW: Jason McManus, his wife Deborah, and family move their philanthropy through the D J McManus Foundation, which gave away around $640,000 in a recent year. The foundation contributes to nonprofits involved in the arts, education, human services, and fortifying communities.

BACKGROUND: Jason D. McManus graduated from Davidson College and Princeton University. He was also a Rhodes Scholar. He began at Time magazine in 1959 as a writer in the magazine's World section. In 1964 he shifted to editing, working in the World and Nation sections of the magazine. He went on to become managing editor.


ARTS & CULTURE: Deborah is a classical pianist and runs the choir she founded, the SoHarmoniums, a SoHo not-for-profit choir of some sixty women, which the family supports. The foundation runs a program called “Eleanor’s Outings,” named after Deborah’s mother, providing excursions to the theater for seniors. Other grantees have included Young People Chorus of New York City, Central Park Conservancy, Library of America, The Met, WNET, Master Voices, and Gibney Dance.

EDUCATION & YOUTH: The couple’s daughter, Sophie, graduated from Vassar College, which the family supports. Other grantees have included Columbia University, Children’s Aid Society, Lawyers for Children, and University of Michigan.

HUMAN SERVICES: Grantees have included Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood, Mexican American Legal Defense, Friends of Boston Homeless, Action Against Hunger, ACLU Indiana, Doctors Without Borders, and Queens Community House.

OTHER: The McManuses are also interested in women’s causes and the environment. Grantees have included Women’s Donor Network, Scenic Hudson, and Mount Vernon Ladies Association. They’ve supported media outfits Highland Current, ProPublica, and Committee to Protect Journalists.

LOOKING FORWARD: Expect the family to stick with their established interests for now. Down the line, we’ll also have to keep an eye on Sophie, a writer, who is vice president of the foundation.


Requests should be submitted on corporate letterhead to:

Deborah McManus
420 West Broadway, PH A
New York, NY 10012
(212) 874-7426