Robert and Veronique Choa Pittman

NET WORTH: Unknown


FUNDING AREAS: Environment, Human Services, Arts, Health

OVERVIEW: Robert Pittman and his wife Veronique Choa Pittman move their philanthropic contributions through the Pittman Family Foundation. Pittman sits on the board of the antipoverty giant the Robin Hood Foundation, and used to chair it. Some of the couple's philanthropy is centered on fighting poverty. Another interest is the environment, where Veronique appears to take the lead. She's on the board of Green Schools Alliance. A lot of Pittman's philanthropy takes place in New York. 

BACKGROUND: Robert Pittman was born in Mississippi. He became a radio announcer in his teens to earn money for flying lessons and later became a radio announcer and producer in several cities. Pittman is the cofounder and programmer who led the team that created MTV and has been CEO of MTV Networks, AOL Networks, Six Flags Theme Parks, Quantum Media, Century 21 Real Estate, and Time Warner Enterprises. He was also COO of America Online, Inc. and later of AOL-Time Warner. Pittman is currently chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia, Inc. 


ENVIRONMENT: Veronique Choa Pittman serves on the board of Green Schools Alliance, which connects and empowers schools worldwide to lead the transformation to global sustainability. It's also worth noting that Veronique is an activist in the areas of sustainable schools, indigenous rights, biodiversity conservation, green technologies, discovery learning, and women's reproductive health, and writes for outlets such as Huffington Post. Grantees have included AOPA Air Safety Foundation, Rainforest Foundation US, Fresh Air Fund, the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, and Environmental Advocates of New York.

HUMAN SERVICES: Pittman sits on the board of directors of the Robin Hood Foundation, and once chaired the outfit. Pittman and Veronique support the outfit via their foundation, as well as places like Youth Villages, which runs a host of programs supporting at-risk youth; Harlem Children's Zone; Feed the Hungry; and Global Goods Partners which describes itself as a "sustainable lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women around the globe." It's easy to see how Veronique's interests play a role here as well. 

ARTS: Perhaps the largest gift by the Pittmans was a 2001 $30 million grant made to Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art Design in Washington D.C., a gift made in concert with another couple. Pittman also used to chair New York’s Public Theater, and sits on the board of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Pittmans have also supported New York City Ballet, and the Public Theater. As well, Pittman, unsurprisingly, has supported the radio.

HEALTH: Pittman sits on the board of the Lupus Research Alliance, which the couple steadily supports. The couple also has supported places like Prostate Cancer Foundation, and International Women's Health Coalition.

LOOKING AHEAD: It's rare that a grant from the Pittman Family Foundation exceeds $100,000. In fact, few even exceed $1,000.  It's worth noting that outside of New York, Pittman has given to Community Foundation of NW Mississippi. It's possible that more grantmaking will take place in Pittman's birth state. As well, the couple has given modestly in education. 


The foundation doesn't have a website, or a clear avenue for grantseekers to reach the couple, but an address is listed below:

Pittman Family Foundation
810 7th Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10019