Seth MacFarlane

NET WORTH: $250 million estimated 

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Screenwriter, Producer, Actor 

FUNDING AREAS: Journalism & Media Integrity, TBD

OVERVIEW: Seth MacFarlane does not yet have a formal family foundation, but recently gave strong support to NPR and is interested in media integrity and journalism. He has also been outspoken on gay rights. 

BACKGROUND: Seth MacFarlane was born in Connecticut in 1973. He attended Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to study video and animation. He caught the attention of Hanna-Barbera Productions with his thesis film, Life of Larry, which contained the beginnings of what would later become Family Guy. He debuted his first animated show Family Guy in 1999. He has developed other animated series American Dad and The Cleveland Show, and live-action scifi-comedy-drama The Orville


JOURNALISM & MEDIA INTEGRITY: After Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s suggestion that viewers should discount any other media besides Fox News, MacFarlane tweeted criticism. He followed up his words with a $2 million donation to NPR and $500,000 to Los Angeles’ NPR member station, KPCC, the top news distribution for NPR content in Southern California. 

OTHER: McFarlane has been associated with charities Alliance For Children's Rights, A Place Called Home, Chrysalis, Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation, Oceana, and Stand Up To Cancer. His mother passed away from cancer. He has been outspoken on gay rights issues. 

LOOKING FORWARD: MacFarlane is still in his 40s and very much engaged in showbusiness. But his recent grants may signal a deepening interest in philanthropy. MacFarlane also has a passion for singing and is a lifelong fan of big band tunes and retro-style full orchestras. Arts and culture, and music education seem like possible philanthropic interest areas.

LINK: Seth MacFarlane Twitter