Tom and Ellie Wertheimer

NET WORTH: Unknown


FUNDING AREAS: Health, Education & Youth, Jewish Causes, Community 

OVERVIEW: Tom Wertheimer, his wife Ellie, and family conduct their philanthropy through the Wertheimer Family Foundation, which made $143,000 in grants in a recent year. The family steadily supports Princeton, where several family members graduated. Other philanthropy goes into the Los Angeles area. 

BACKGROUND: Thomas Wertheimer graduated with a B.A. in Politics from Princeton University and an LL.B. from Columbia University School of Law. He was Executive Vice President and Chairman of the home video and television groups of MCA. He has also served as a consultant to NBC Universal Studios and works as a TV producer. 


HEALTH: The family has supported St. John's Health Center Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Rape Treatment Center Foundation, Research to Prevent Blindness (Wertheimer is on the board), and Jules Stein Eye Institute - UCLA, among others. 

EDUCATION & YOUTH: The Wertheimers have steadily supported Princeton University. The school is home to the Wertheimer Family Foundation Scholarship. Not only did Wertheimer attend the school but so did his son, Douglas and daughter-in-law Susan. Other grantees include United Friends of the Children, Swarthmore College, Columbia Law School Fund, and Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Greater L.A. 

JEWISH CAUSES: Grantees include Jewish Family Services, Jewish Federation of L.A., and American Jewish Committee. 

COMMUNITY: The Wertheimers have supported L.A. Park Conservancy, and Motion Picture and TV Fund Foundation. 

LOOKING FORWARD: Expect the Wertheimers to stick with their select interest areas.


The Wertheimer Family Foundation accepts applications at the address below:

The Wertheimer Foundation
14191 Alisal Lane
Santa Monica, CA 90402