How the Omidyar Network Lends a Hand to India's Youth

The Omidyar Network has awarded the Anduip Foundation $650,000 to finance Anduip's ongoing efforts to help India's young people find jobs. Finding jobs isn't the only thing Anduip is doing with its Omidyar grant. It's also helping young people with an entrepreneurial bent realize their dream of small business ownership.

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India is home to the largest population of people under the age of 30 in the world, with 704 million young people. (China comes in at a relatively close second with around 500 million.) The future of India's economic development rests largely on the shoulders of the largest population in the country. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between traditional schooling and the ability of this large youth population to achieve sustainable livelihoods in India. Meaning, traditional schooling simply isn't enough to prepare young people to earn enough money to survive.

The Omidyar Network's $650,000 grant will be used in the Anduip Foundation's job skills and job placement services and its DREAM program. The DREAM program is a mentoring program offered to students interested in owning their own businesses. The students receive the benefit of a mentor's knowledge during all phases of developing microenterprises, from incubation to marketing. The program also offers help in overcoming the biggest hurdle in any business start-up — seed money.

Anduip's support doesn't end once these young entrepreneurs get their microenterprises up and running. The foundation continues to monitor how the businesses are progressing and offers ongoing support to help them grow. Past microenterprises established with the help of Anduip including cyber cafés and computer training centers.

The Omidyar Network has good reason to support the ongoing efforts of the Anduip Foundation. In the six years since the foundation's inception, it has reportedly helped more than 8,000 young people in India by placing 80% of them in jobs in a variety of sectors across the country.