Another Company is Encouraging its Employees to Give to Kiva

GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons’ main vehicle for giving is the Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation, which primarily supports organizations in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. In terms of issues, Parsons’ giving has been a bit scattered. When he and his wife became Giving Pledge signatories, he noted child nutrition, health care and education as important causes. However, he has been known to make donations for animal welfare, women’s charities andespecialllymilitary veterans. Additionally, he's backed rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

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Fortunately, his company’s philanthropic arm, GoDaddy Cares, is more focused in its areas of interest, which include STEM, education, and entrepreneurship initiatives in the United States. Recently, it announced a partnership with Kiva, the world’s largest crowdsourcing platform that helps to alleviate poverty via microloans. The company’s “Get the Picture” campaign is encouraging employees to fund one of the thousands of individuals seeking microloans for various endeavors ranging from arts to housing. The majority of Kiva loan seekers are looking for funds to support their entrepreneurial efforts related to food, retail and agriculture.

To kick off the campaign, GoDaddy is providing each of its employees with $25 to fund a loan through Kiva to a small business of their choice. GoDaddy has some 4,200 employees, so this gift totals around $105,000. The hope, here, is that the initial company-funded $25 will encourage employees to make additional small loans through Kiva and support small businesses around the world.

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GoDaddy joins the ranks of Kiva’s over 30 corporate supporters, which include Moody’s, Deutsche Bank, Citi, and PNC. The organization has also garnered the support of a number of foundations, including the HP, Cisco, and Pershing Square foundations. Earlier this year, the MetLife Foundation partnered with Kiva in an effort very similar to GoDaddy’s partnership, wherein it is encouraging its over 5,200 employees in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) regions to make small business loans through Kiva.